From the famous pornstar to the politician: Top adult film actresses managed to become politicians

What kind of associations do you have, hearing the word politician? Your answer would sound like the influential man wearing a smart costume and taking part in conducting the deals of the government, right? Now, recall the content of the most known porn films and the hot girls participating there.  Eventually, put all that together. Even despite the fact, that sex industry and politics are diametrically opposite notions, shift from the famous pornstar to the politician is possible. If you‘re still doubtful, check the top porn actresses who found themselves in politics.

Ilona Staller

Born in 1951, in Hungary,  Ilona Staller (also known as Cicciolina) became the first pornstar elected to the Italian Parliament in 1987. Her political career began simultaneously with her first participation in adult films.  In 1979, she was elected as leader of the first Italian “green party”. A few years later, she turned to the Radical Party fighting for human rights and protested against nuclear power usage. In 1987, gaining the support of 20,000 people, she eventually became elected to the Parliament. She was also a member of the Party of Love.

Mary Carey

Mary Allen Cook was born in Cleveland in 1980. Her mother suffered from schizophrenia while her father was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy. After their death, being unable to support herself, she became a strip dancer. As a result, she accepted the proposal to become a porno actress taking the name Mary Carey. Her filmography is extremely extended, including more than 80 adult movies. Her obsession with politics started in 2003 when she decided to take part as an independent candidate in the election for the governor’s post in California. Although her promotion was unsuccessful, it managed to attract lots of attention to her initial profession and served as a brilliant advertisement.

Marilyn Chambers

Her face became legendary, after being shot in the laundry powder commercial.  She’s also known for her pornographic movie Insatiable. Her pornographic career involves more than 36 adult movies. When she reached 50, her interest in politics increased significantly.  She stood in the election for the post of Vice-President in America twice, but both times she failed.

Fiorella Rubino

She didn’t have enough time to gain the top of her porno career. Her filmography comprises only one erotic film. Before her political career started to blossom, she had performed in a theater, playing quite serious roles based on Shakespeare’s plays. But soon, Rubino changed her sphere. In 2008, being the member of the Popular Freedom Party, she stood in the election for the post of the Italian Parliament deputy and won the election. Her mandate expired only a few months ago.

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