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Lynx Command Line URL CRLF Injection Vulnerability

Microsoft Windows 2000 Subnet Bandwidth Manager RSVP Server Authority Hijacking Vulnerability

FreeBSD Ptrace/SPIgot Insufficient Signal Verification Denial of Service Vulnerability

Dotless IP Addresses Can Cause IE to Move into Intranet Zone

Invalid RDP Data can Cause Terminal Service Failure

phpBB Allows Remote Users to Modify Default SQL Queries

CDP Vulnerability in Cisco Routers

Hi-Resolution System`s MacAdministrator Hidden Files Disclosure and Access Vulnerability

TYPSoft FTP Server STOR/RETR Denial of Service Vulnerability

Security Bug Found in ht://Dig htsearch CGI (DoS, File Exposure)

Account Management Vulnerabilities in Ipswitch IMail Server

Cisco PIX Firewall Manager Password Disclosure Vulnerability

Atomz Search Engine Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability

Security Bug Found in PostNuke (and possibly PHPNuke

Additional Details Released on the Zone Spoofing Vulnerability

Ipswitch Web Calendaring Buffer Overflow
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DNS Flood Detector v1.0

wormulon v0.1.3

ulogd-php v0.7

FWReport v1.1.5

Netl, a Customizable Low Level Network Monitor

WinDefender 2.1.6

NTDaddy, ASP Based Administration Kit

Virge v2.07

PCX Firewall v2.7

Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) v0.9.2

NARC v0.5.1

Nimda Notifyer v1.2

IIS Worms Detector v1.1

Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java Cryptography API v1.09

Samhain 1.2.8
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Stegdetect v0.3
posted by: valv`0 on 11/10/2001 @ 09:54:05
additional: FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
Stegdetect is an automated tool for detecting steganographic content in images. It is capable of detecting several different steganographic methods to embed hidden information in JPEG images. Currently, the detectable schemes are jsteg, jphide, and outguess 01.3b.

Developer: http://freshmeat.net/projects/stegdtetect/
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Scans to expose Windows RPC vulnerability are increasing

Update Windows before it gets Blasted

Blaster rewrites Windows worm rules

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Senator Backs Off Backdoors

SafeWeb ain`t all that

Hackers launch `cyber jihad` on US

Net security: An oxymoron

Microsoft Patch Yanked

Security Attacks Set to Double in 2001

`Govnet` Would Be Costly, Prone to Failure-Experts

Microsoft to Prioritize Security Bugs

XP a National Security Threat?

`Smart Card` Technology Gets Second Look

U.S. could close Gates on hackers, terrorists

Encryption: How Prevalent Is It?

bv-Control for Microsoft SQL Server Launched

The Achilles` Heel of Remote Net Mgmt

Former Federal Agent Calls Xp a Threat to National Security

`Net Routers Still Feeling Effects of Code Red, Nimda

RIAA Attempts to Influence Anti-Terrorism Bill

FBI shuts down `IRA` website

$200m WinXP media assault begins

Symantec users risk redirection to hacker sites

Anthrax-laced letter to MS license div suspected

Internet Security Revenue To Exceed $14 Billion by 2005
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Ethernet Games Sources

Ethernet Games Slides

EthernetGames DOCS

CryptoWorkshop Sources

CryptoWorkshop DOCS

CryptoWorkshop Slides

An Overview of LIDS

How to tell if your Linux box has been cracked

CRYPTO-GRAM - October 15 2001

Netfilter and iptables: Stateful firewalling for Linux

Comparing E-mail Server Virus Protection Solutions

Cryptography General Discussions and Implementations


The world will end tomorrow - official

Kerberos and Windows 2000
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NSA Security-enhanced Linux v2003081307

Sophos Delivers MailMonitor For Notes/Domino

Evidian Announces NetWall 6

DbEncrypt Flexible

LANGuard S.E.L.M.

BlackICE Defender

ftp-voyager - Wins Again!

sygate personal firewall 4.2

FreeBSD 4.4 Released

LSM-based Security-Enhanced Linux
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