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Simple man wrapper for TextWrangler.

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What's this?

this little script was done to make the programmers' life a little bit more easy.
i'm using textwrangler for all kinds of files (included c/c++/objC), and i found
uncomfortable to switch every time to console to get a man entry for some function.
so i decided to look forward and make something usefull for textwrangles, using the
amazing gui of macosX.


Growl is a global notifications system for the Mac OS X operating system. Different
applications can use Growl to display small notifications about events which the user
deems important, in a consistent manner. Users can fully control their notifications,
developers do not have to spend a lot of time developing notifications, and the Growl
developers can spend time concentrating on the usability of notifications.

Textwrangler is a popular text editor for Mac OS X from Bare Bones Software. It was
originally a commercial product, but (beginning with version 2.0) has become the
freeware alternative to their flagship editor, BBEdit, and the successor to their
previous freeware editor, BBEdit Lite. Like BBEdit, TextWrangler is not a word processor
and so lacks formatting and style options — it is limited to editing and manipulation
of plain text, but while this limits desktop publications, it allows for much greater
power and flexibility editing text. TextWrangler has features common to most text editors,
such as syntax highlighting for various programming languages, a find and replace function,
spell check, and file comparison. But TextWrangler also includes extensive scripting
support using AppleScript, Python, Perl, Shell scripts, and BBEdit's native Text Factories.
TextWrangler's find and replace allows the use of regular expressions, Python, Perl, and
shell scripts can be run directly in the program. And TextWrangler provides numerous
options for reformatting text.

let's glue it all together!

Using Textwrangler's Applescript support and Growl notification system, i've made
a simple wrapper for 'man something', that getting the current highlighted word on
to the editor, return a notification bubble with growl filled with all informations
needed to the coder.

Code is well commented, so stop boring!, and let's see it in action!

install manwrapper


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